Why Bells?

Bells of all types have been used down the ages to let the local community know that something is about to happen: the time of day - the passing of a loved one - the joy of marriage - the plague - the start of a church service - the advance of a marauding army (fortunately not in recent times!)

In England the Art and Science of Change Ringing (Campanology) developed from the 17th century and has become a hobby enjoyed by many thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds. Bell ringers enjoy the mental and physical challenge of pealing bells together in harmony, and the camaraderie that often goes with it. Bells are very much a community asset which offer a much-needed opportunity for mental and physical activity whilst preserving a heritage tradition.

The improved ringing facilities at Pattishall will enable more people to learn and participate in this social activity, which is also healthy exercise. Bell ringing has been enjoyed by people of all ages - 9 to 99 - and provides a unique opportunity for young people to develop social skills and confidence, mixing in company with people of all ages. Bell ringing can be included in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme for young people and for Guides and Scouts attainments.