Project Objectives


After 113 years of service, many of the original mechanical parts have worn out and need replacing. These include original bearings, sliders and pulleys dating from 1908. The 6 bells will be preserved for future generations by rehanging them in a modern bell frame with new wheels and fittings.

Sound Control

Special acoustic shutters are to be fitted to the tower openings to control the loudness of the bells. This will be of particular benefit to the residents living close to the church.

Two New Bells

Two small bells (trebles) are to be added, especially suitable for teaching children. This will also provide more opportunity for bell ringers to expand their skills.

Better Going Bells

The replacement of worn-out fittings and the addition of rope guides will make the bells easier to ring and enable the hobby of bell ringing to be accessible to many more people.

Bell Training Simulator

To improve opportunities for learning, our plans include the installation of a state-of-the-art bell ringing simulator. This will enable individual trainees to practice bell ringing using a real bell but in time with computer generated sound and graphics.